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Are You At Risk For Identity Theft?

The following puts you at risk for identity theft:

  • I don't believe people root around in my trash looking for credit/financial info.
  • I carry my social security card in my wallet.
  • I have another card in my wallet with my social security number on it.
  • I have my social security number and driver's license number printed on my personal checks.
  • I leave mail for pickup in an unlocked location at home or at work.
  • I provide my social security number whenever asked.
  • I am connected to the internet but don't use a firewall or virus software.

Things you can do:

  • Have a cross-cut shredder near where you sort your mail and use it regularly.
  • Shred pre-approved credit offers, don't just put them in the trash.
  • Have personal checks with just your initial, last name and address, no other information.
  • Use a card that has only part of your social security number on it.
  • Keep personal identity information in a locked or protected area of your house.
  • Watch your surroundings for people who might be listening when giving out your social security number or other financial information.
  • Order a copy of your credit report annually.
  • Keep an eye on your credit cards whenever they leave your hand.
  • Do not respond to internet scams, they do look real, and hang up on telephone solicitors.